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I’m done with Flickr

They just changed their login stuff and I’m not able to login without yahoo ID anymore. I’ve no Yahoo ID and never had. Can’t login. WTF. Goodby Flickr. Hello 500px :)

My experience with the cubietruck

Recently I’ve buyed a cubietruck, since I’ve wanted to have a board with more power then the Raspberry Pi for my home automation. The cubietruck seemd perfect with its 2 GB RAM and dual core CPU. 

I want to share my impressions and experiences I’ve made with my new toy.

First of all: It’s fast. It’s really fast and it makes a lot of fun to work with it. Even with the Pi, which was overclocked to over 1 GHz, I didn’t reach that performance. It feels nearly like a “real” PC. I’m very happy with that :)

Unfortunately is the cubietruck not as user/developer friendly as the pi. The community is much smaller and the systems doesn’t support everything on the board, there are not drivers for everything and you have to dive deep in the technical details to understand and use the gpio headers. That’s challenging and you learn a lot but may be annoying too if you want to get things running fast.

I’m in love with Arch Linux. I use it nearly everywhere except on my VPS and I’ve powered my Raspberry Pi and my whole home automation with Arch Linux. Unfortunately it’s really unstable on the Cubietruck. Everything works basically but it usally crashs after each system upgrade and doesn’t boot anymore. That’s annoying the hell out of me. So I’m forced to user another system then Arch Linux on the cubietruck. 

JS Promises in one sentence

A Promises is a asynchronous try/catch mechanism in a method called “then”, which you give up to two functions: A function which is called if everything went fine and a function which is called if something failed.

Start to use it, It’s the future of JavaScript. And be aware of jQuerys deferred concept, since it’s not compatible with the Promise/A+ specification, which is implemented in the Browsers and ECMAS 6.