1. The original Diablo featured a single dungeon that had 16 levels. The dungeon was enter-able through a cathedral, and on each level you’d have to look for a stairwell that would take you down to the floor below until you finally reached hell. Besides that cathedral, there wasn’t much else in the game except for a small village around it with some shops where you could buy and sell things.
    Each dungeon level was procedurally generated, which means that each time you played the game the layouts of the levels would be different, and the stairwells would be in a different locations.
    It turned out that Blizzard generated the layouts by using the exact path you walked to the cathedral as you started the game as a seed for their algorithm. At some point some guys figured this out and they calculated the route you’d had to walk to have the stairwell going up, and the stairwell going down right next to each other on every level. Pretty clever.
    Which games used the weirdest tricks and hacks in their programming? (via scriptsht)

    (via scriptsht)

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  2. Bitcoin

    Today I made about 18 EUR with bitcoin speculation. That’s nice, since my investment was quiet small (less then 100 EUR). The bitcoin price is currently at 161 EUR per BTC. I really regret, that I didn’t mine some bitcoins as I heard the first time about it. I would be rich right now :)

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  3. Setting up a rails environment in your script

    require File.expand_path(‘../../../config/environment’,  __FILE__)

    The path may change depending on the location of your script.

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